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You are the flower
Nalu is the Sun
Together you blossom

Explore our new autumn collection 'La Que Sabe'

“When I create clothes,
I think of women as flowers.
I want them to blossom”

Ola Hanuszewicz, founder and designer of Nalu

“When I finally got to my inner home and heard my voice, I understood that what I wanted to do was to create beautiful items for women. On the table there was a sewing machine, the heritage of my two grandmothers, and that was the answer to my question.”

Nalu is not just clothes, but most of all beautiful women, who wear them. Each of them is unique and carries an interesting story. Meet our tribe and share your story with us.

We feel sewing as an alchemical mixture of creative expression and meditation, which results in flowery clothes full of love and mindfulness.


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